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Lianna Haynes



Lianna specialises in singing the hits of the 1950's and 60's covering songs from Connie Francis to Elvis Presley. She was recently awarded a runner up position at The National Vintage Awards 2014 for Best Musical Performer. Lianna's warm yet glamorous stage presence and her sweet and beautifully mesmerising tone lends itself to the music of the 50's and 60's whilst also being versatile enough to translate to all genres including current chart hits which makes her a perfect choice for any occasion.

Rachel Warren

Actress/Voice Actress


Rachel has worked professionally as a screen actor for 17 years. She has worked with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. Her films include The Snare, (Netflix) Chimera (Amazon Prime) Blackbird- with Michael Flatley and Eric Roberts, Pentagram and Tribal to name a few and her work has been screened in cinemas worldwide. Aside from her acting career, she founded Pickle Pie Parties (featured on the Channel 5 TV show ‘Billionaire Babies’); she loves making little children’s dreams come true at the same time as helping performers have a fun day job around their careers.  She is a co-director of StoryLine Productions with Jason Isaacs and Nick Aldridge and is currently producing her first feature film. 

Meryn Nixon



Meryn is an actress & singer, with musical theatre as her speciality. Performing with the Welsh National Opera at ages 5 & 7 sparked a love that has lasted & has led to her performing in over 30 musicals & plays. She tours the UK in a princess themed musical for children, as well as being available for hire as a princess performer for events. Outside of musical theatre, Meryn is a singer-songwriter, with a folk & pop acoustic style, also covering music from the 50's to present day, with a particular focus on the 60's.

Kelly McCormack



Kelly has an enormous amount of enthusiasm for the creative arts industry that has spanned many years. In 2009 she started behind the scenes as an event runner and in 2014 she started helping out with projects as a film extra. She found a love for acting and began to get cast in a number of lead roles, in various short and feature productions. In February 2019 she was nominated for a Lead Actress award at the Midlands Movies Awards. 

Kelly trains and performs in burlesque/cabaret dance and commercial dance at Skytribe Studios and has also trained in silk and pole dance skills. Kelly has worked with a number of photographers on a variety of themed and ad hoc photography shoots. Kelly’s skill set and interests shows close parallels with the skills of a Film Producer. This has led her to get involved in producing/assistant directing films such as Fabletown (2015).

Alisha Bunting



Alisha Tuesday Bunting has been dancing since she was around 14 years old. She watched a TV series called ‘Smash’ and after watching this knew she wanted to be on stage. Alisha did a dance GCSE and then studied Dance at college for 2 years. She says, 'I simply dance to express my love for it and I don't think I could ever stop – even if it is just in my kitchen!'

Alisha's Instagram has a range of dances on there if you would kindly follow for updates on upcoming productions and classes! 

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